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Few sectors of the U.S. economy have been through the levels of change experienced by manufacturing in the past 15 years. And yet, manufacturing remains a vibrant sector of the U.S. economy. It provides a livelihood to millions of American workers, and delivers much needed goods and services to domestic and international customers. At the same time, today's manufacturers are challenged by global competition, downward pricing pressures, increasingly stringent regulatory guidelines, rising labor costs, rapidly changing technology, international sourcing and a shortage of qualified workers.

Many of these challenges are a blend of marketing, accounting, tax and operational issues. That's why we use a team approach to deliver solutions that make sense from many different perspectives: business growth, tax optimization and strategic ownership goals.

In order to work in manufacturing and provide services to companies like yours, our client service teams are made up of specialists who focus their activities and practices on manufacturing clients. Team members have gained background in manufacturing through experience, and by pursuing additional training on the trends and issues affecting your industry.

We have found that only by understanding the structure and practices of manufacturers can we deal with the increasingly complex challenges you face. How you deal with these sales, operational, management and financial challenges can determine your success. Our manufacturing specialists provide you with business and management insight to help you reach your goals.