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Non-Profit Organizations


America's non-profit sector plays an increasingly important role in fulfilling the nation's desire for a civil, compassionate and well-functioning society. Whether they are advocacy, arts, civic, cultural, education, or health and human service organizations, non-profits confront a variety of challenges that must be met before their mission can be fulfilled. These challenges include:

  • Demographic changes that are expanding the market for the services not-for-profits provide
  • Commercial pressures that are pushing not-for-profits into greater reliance on fee-for-service income
  • Expanded competition from for-profit providers
  • Opposition to not-for-profit advocacy activity
  • Challenges to the tax-exempt status of not-for-profits
  • Increased accountability pressure
  • Rapidly changing communications technology

Gordon J. Maier & Company, LLP works with all types and sizes of not-for-profits, so we understand the unique challenges you face. We've developed a wide range of services, from consulting on specialized tax issues, to helping you assess your control environment and control risks. We help you add value to every dollar you collect, and every dollar you spend, in fulfillment of your mission.